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Welcome to Pirate Radio!

My name's Pat Courtenay and I've spent around 25 years on the Radio in Christchurch and Auckland (New Zealand), Brisbane and Darwin (Australia) and Dublin (The Real One) plus forays into National and International Networks. I've worked a variety of formats but the main emphasis has always been on the Entertainment end of Radio - Music and Laughs.

I want you to enjoy the same fun and the same success I have, and that's what this site is about.

Working with excellent people, I've enjoyed notching up great successes for Stations all over the planet. One thing you notice though - everyone's very good at telling us "What" we have to do but when we need to know "How", it can be a very different story.

I can show you the "How."

When your PD is "too busy," when "aircheck" only ever means "butt-kicking," when you know you just "did THAT THING again," but you don't know how to stop it, when you know you can pick your game up a few notches, I KNOW YOU CAN TOO!

Eventually I'll be running a full Prep Service but for now, let's start with you, me and an aircheck!

Prices will be WELL within reach (I know what it's like!) and finalised over the next week so. In the meantime,

Click here & check this out.

Talk to you soon.

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